Welcome to the Soapy Sunflower!

Growing up in the Mid West, I am no stranger to the Majestic Sunflower. Strong, Vibrant, and always facing the brightest spot in the sky. These are the values behind my Soapy Sunflower Products. Beautiful, with strong roots, always pointing the way to joy and light.

My artisan soaps are made in small batches so I can control the quality of every ingredient I use. Sustainable, Vegan Oils (including Sunflower Oil) are the base of my soaps. From there scents (Sulphate, Paraben & Phthalate free Fragrance oils, and Essential Oils) and colors (All mineral based- no Red 40 here) are added to create a bit of whimsy, while maintaining luxury standards. These soaps are perfect for personal use, as well as for gift giving. No one ever turns down a pretty bar of soap!

The minimal packaging is easily recycled or reused, as we embrace Zero Waste business practices.

Soapy Sunflower Products: Because it's more fun to wash with a pretty bar of soap.